Whoopy Wipes is seeking Licensing Agreements with Industrial Manufacturers or personal care Brand Owners whereby royalties on the wipes and the dispenser are achieved. We would also entertain the outright sale of the IP. If our branding appeals to the Licensee, the Trademark is also available.


Our ideal Licensee is a Manufacturer who understand our vision, the global appeal, and can scale to meet demand. Manufacturers should be willing to partner long-term because, from a product lifecycle perspective, there are other iterations of the dispenser that have been conceptualized. Manufacturers will be able to Sub-License to multiple Consumer Products/Personal Care brand owners to private label the wipes.

Alternatively, the Licensee is a Brand Owner in the Personal Hygiene industry (ie. Condom/Gel/Feminine Hygiene) that recognizes how perfectly Whoopy Wipes dovetails into their existing product lines and can seamlessly share retail slotting and distribution through similar established channels. Expansion into other vertical applications is also possible (baby bums, geriatric, makeup removal, hospitality, hospitals, etc)

Market Size & Forecasts (2023 – 2028)

Strong compound annual growth rates (CAGR) are projected across the board for personal care products over the next 5-7 years. A lessening stigma towards adult novelty items, and growing awareness among women toward sexual wellness is promoting the adoption and popularity of such products and driving the market growth.

Current US Current Global CAGR 2028/2030 Global
Personal Wipes 977 Million USD 11.25 Billion USD 6.2% 19.33 Billion USD

The rising desire of baby boomers to have a more active sex life coupled with survey results showing that 48% of women in the U.S. experience feminine discomfort, vaginal dryness and painful sexual activity is expected to increase demand for personal lubricants and intimate wipes.

Current US Current Global CAGR 2028/2030 Global
Personal Lubricant 300 Million USD 1.85 Billion USD 6.5% 3.44 Billion USD

In addition, online retailers are reaching a larger market through e-Commerce sites by offering a range of products via discrete delivery with the added advantage of subscription-based services.

Current US Current Global CAGR 2028/2030 Global
Adult Novelty 7.1 Billion USD 32.7 Billion USD 8.4% 62.32 Billion USD
Sources: Grand View Research, Fortune Business Insights, Bedbible