Meet the IP Owners

Jon Stevenson, Inventor

For the past 15 years, owner of a commercial real estate, finance, and property development firm that works with churches, schools, and affordable housing. Prior background as President and CEO of Dippy Foods, a publicly traded (NASDAQ) producer of breakfast and lunch products in school food service programs (like Oscar Meyer Lunchables).

Steve Wild, Inventor

Navy submarine veteran, sonar technician. Self employed Marine Electrician with 30 years of experience. Primary liaison with UCI Engineering students for technical matters.

Melanie Stevenson

IT Staffing industry executive. For the past 20 years, President and CEO (owner/operator) of a successful placement firm/temp agency that provides IT resources to major corporations in software development, insurance, healthcare, biotech, and public sector

Our Story

Jon and I were married on a sheep farm in South Africa in 2010. Our reception was a 5-course wine pairing dinner and ever since, we’ve celebrated our anniversary with a fine dining experience.

In 2013 we were in Napa, and upon being seated at our table, we were presented with two pucks that looked like alka-seltzers.  The server poured hot water over them and the magic towels expanded into wipes that we could use to freshen our hands with before dinner.

The next morning, while Jon used a single-serve coffee maker, the light bulb went off.  For years, I’d been telling him how great it would be to have a hot, wet towelette available on demand to clean up after sex, while still in bed!  He figured that if he could get a machine to load those pucks (compressed wipes), heat water and saturate two at a time (‘his-and-hers’) and deliver them to us he’d be on to something!  And so began the Whoopy Wipes journey.

With A Little Help From Our Friends

Jon and Steve love to create and tinker in the garage. Once their design needed advanced component development and Arduino programming, we collaborated with students at the UCI School of Engineering. After 6 quarters we arrived at a “looks like, works like” prototype that allowed us demonstrate proof of concept.

Together we produced a full set of schematics, mechanical animations, 3D printing files, Arduino programming, and CAD drawings that are available.