Whoopy Wipes

Imagine having a hot, wet cotton towelette available right on your nightstand to wipe away gels and silicone lubricants, restoring you to freshness.

Whoopy Wipes is a personal hygiene system that has 2 components – compressed towelettes in a blister pack and a dispenser that sprays hot water onto expandible wipes. It dispenses two wipes at a time (his and hers) that are hydrated and steaming hot.  Once saturated, the sterile, disposable wipes are unfurled and used to clean up after sex.

There will be TWO dispensers to choose from – an Automated version with an 8 pack towelette cartridge (prototype shown above, only much smaller) and a Manual dispenser with a single-serve 2 pack (shown below).

The Power Of Heat For The Ultimate Clean

Most people use tissues to wipe away messes but these still leave sticky residue behind. Packaged flushables are cold and loaded with chemicals. Warm facecloths require getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, standing there shivering while the water runs till it’s hot – it kills afterglow time together!

Whoopy Wipes are delivered on demand while still in bed, two at a time, wet and steamy hot. They are gentle, made of strong woven cotton that won’t tear or fall apart. They unfurl into large, durable towelettes that are biodegradable and trash can disposable.

Sterile Cotton Wipes

Whoopy Wipes come in a dry, sealed blister pack so they are sterile until dispensed. Most pre-saturated wipes are prone to microorganism contamination due to the wet environment so chemical preservatives like isopropyl alcohol and methylisothiazolinone are added. This is irritating to sensitive body parts and can cause burning and rashes.

Our wipes expand with HOT water so they are bacteria and fungus free with no additives or fragrances.

Ubiquitous Uses

There are many ways to enjoy a hot, wet wipe. Every household will have multiple dispensers – the nursery for baby bums, the bathroom for after potty use, make-up removal, the garage for auto mechanic jobs and handyman chores.

In the hospitality industry you’ll see them as novelty items in hotel rooms, on tables at restaurants to clean hands, and gift shops – ideal bridal shower, wedding, and anniversary presents.

In healthcare facilities, nursing homes for geriatric care, and hospitals where sterile environments are required.

Whoopy Wipes will be sold in grocery chains, drug stores, big box retailers, sex shops, and online.